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Tips and Tricks for Tubies and info on other medical issues.

Are you new to tube feeding? Or need some ideas that'll help make tube feeding easier on you and your tubie? I want you to know that your not alone in this journey. I've had to go through the tubie journey mostly alone, trying to figure things out for myself. I won't lie, some days are just plain hard. Here's some tricks I learned along the way. Hope they help you. Feel free to submit any suggestions, tricks or questions. The majority of my tips and tricks are for Gtube's and GJtube's.

(NOTE: This is just info I've gained over the years and tips and tricks. I am not a medical professional. This blog is strictly informational and you should always consult your doctors and specialist when it comes to your child's health.)

Since I started using this technique 2 years ago I've only had Liam's tube pop out once!
This has saved Liam lots of pain as well as saved me from cleaning up those messes and time spent rushing to the hospital to have a new tube put in.

This post talks about how I prepare Liam's formula and how I store it.
More importantly theres tips to save you time so you can get more rest at night.
Click here for a closer look at how I make night time feeding easier and how I get more sleep at night. 

Sometimes ready about another Tubie's journey can help us through our own.
I know that reading others has helped me solve some issues we've had.
Also Click Here to read a post from when Liam finally started gaining weight.
Another inspirational article "Giving Up Is Not An Option"

Feeding tube malfunction are generally rare. Our biggest one to date was when Liam's GJtube button literally fell apart Click Here to see.

General tips that I found help cut down on the germs that cause colds, flu's and more.
No one wants to get sick and these simple trips can prevent that.

Some important info you should know if you child was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease.

What is Diaphragm Paralysis and how do you treat it?

Here are some post that talk about Liam's sensory issues. They have ideas on how to help your little one overcome these same issues. Liam had a big issues with textures. For the longest time he would touch anything and just keep his hands in a tight fist.
Jailbreak: something as simple as bubbles and playing on the grass can help.

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