Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mold Found in GoGo SqueeZ Pouches

I've been seeing many post pop up about the squeeze pouches for kids. This includes juices and foods. I stopped buying CapriSun because of mold found inside. Now the brand of fruit pouches I buy for Liam have popped up with mold in them. Just plain sick! I will not buy another pouch again. In fact I will be filling my own clear pouches with apple sauce for Liam from now on.

The company said that they tested other pouches produced in the same batch as well as around the same time this one was. They said they also went to the store this pouch was purchased as well as surrounding stores to test the product on their shelves. GoGo SqueeZ said no other pouch was found to have mold or any other foreign body in them. They explained that this could happen if the pouch got a small hold in it or from prolonged air exposure. After reading their response and what they've done to try and make things right I believe that thats probably what happened. Still its probably safer just to use my own clear pouches. Although if these companies would use clear packaging it would probably put a lot of parents minds at ease about continuing to use these products.

This was posted on GoGo SqueeZ Facebook page by a consumer:

I would like to know why you deliberately took down the post I made this morning about the rotten GoGo pouch that my one year old son ate. He is currently being treated in the hospital with an IV due to his intoxication. All the pouches in that box were ROTTEN, all with a date of March 2015. Is this how you respond to a customer's concern? By making sure you delete the post so it doesn't continue to spread? Why do you create a Facebook page so that we can provide our feedback...? Shouldn't it be for the good or for the bad? Not everything is peaches and cream! And a good Company must acknowledge that... you keep the nice and good posts.. why do you delete the ones that aren't just as nice? I am just doing the right job by creating awareness so that parents can be more cautious before giving it to their kids.

This is how GoGo SqueeZ responded:

Recently a consumer reported on our Facebook page, finding mold in a container of our product. We immediately contacted the consumer to find out where and when this product was purchased, and began carefully looking into the situation. As part of our investigation, we tested and reviewed other samples manufactured at the same facility shortly before, during and after the same time as the product that was reported to us, and all passed our stringent quality control standards. 

Also as part of our research into this matter, we visited the store where the product was purchased, and other stores in the vicinity, and ran tests on products available on their shelves. The results in each case confirmed that there was no presence of any foreign material, including mold. 

Although this kind of reported incident is rare, because GoGo squeeZ fruit pouches are all natural and preservative-free, in instances where there is a small hole or leak in the pouch, or a prolonged exposure to air, it is possible for mold to develop. This type of common food mold is similar to what can be experienced with bread or fruit that has been overly exposed to air.

At GoGo squeeZ, nothing is more important to us than the quality and safety of our products and satisfying our consumers, which our significant manufacturing and quality control protocols help ensure. 

We appreciate our consumers bringing this to our attention. We also appreciate the trust you, and all our consumers have put into GoGo squeeZ. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, we urge you to reach out to us at
First and foremost, we want to assure our loyal consumers that there is nothing more important to us than the quality of our products. We have rigorous quality standards in place and we are committed to investigating this matter through to resolution. As for the deleted Facebook post, we sincerely apologize - this was a mistake that should not have happened and is not consistent with our community standards. We are taking steps to ensure this mistake is not repeated in the future.


  1. Sure would have been nice if an apology was given to the parent and child. But its all about business.

    1. yep you know what happened after the fact for sure.

    2. Sure would have been nice if you actually read the response where they apologize, but it's all about ignorance.

    3. Yeah, funny how a business is all about business. Why do people have this idiotic idea that businesses are charities that exist only to cater to the customer's every whim? The same sort of people are probably the ones shouting "the customer is always right" when they try to pass an expired coupon. Entitlement at its best.

  2. Sure would have also been nice if they had said they would compensate her for at least what she paid for all the rotten ones too... but that's corporations for you.

  3. Sure would be nice if you didn't assume that they didn't do either of those.

  4. This is an incredible non-issue being blown out of proportion.
    I've bitten into bad apples, pears, bananas, and strawberries dozens of times.
    So the pouch got a little hole and developed a little food mold.
    If you haven't gotten a mouthful of bad fruit 50 times in your life by the time you're 30, you need to eat more fruit.

    1. "If you haven't gotten a mouthful of bad fruit 50 times in your life by the time you're 30, you need to eat more fruit."

      Absolutely golden. Very well put.

      Also, I agree with the rest of what you said. I wonder how many people who shared this on fazebook will retract it and then post on their source's page to help stomp the fire out.

  5. My first thought was that the pouch had probably gotten a small hole in it. My second thought was that this very well could have happened AFTER the product was purchased, therefore not being the fault of the company. That being said, since I purchase these for my granddaughter, from now on I think it would be prudent to squeeze a small amount out first and check it before giving it to her especially the ones carried in the diaper bag.

  6. How do we know they did not buy this stuff open it and let it sit out for a month before saying anything...
    I smell a wannabe payday.

  7. All of these comments knocking a parents concern for their child's safety should be ashamed. My child is my world and it is my job to make sure he is well taken care of. That is what a good parent does, they protect their children to the best of their abilities. Shame on you. There is a difference in bad fruit and a mold that can make a child sick. And as a parent I have a right to know. Not everyone one is worried about a "wannabe payday" just the truth.