Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 In Review

We brought in 2019 in Bryant family tradition: game night till midnight! Lanie and I played the original Super Mario Brothers 3 on the Classic NES. Lanie stayed up until midnight without a problem. We noticed there was a huge difference between our new neighborhood and old one. Usually we have to stay inside and beware of the gunshots. Thank goodness our new neighborhood was NOTHING like that. It was quiet and peaceful except for a few fireworks in the distance that quickly stopped.
New Years 2017/2018

2018 seemed to blur by faster than we realised. What did 2018 bring for us?

A big event was Lanie turning 10 years old!

We also celebrated Justin's 39th birthday.

March 11, 2018 Morrow Bay

Easter 2018 Lanie got to wear makeup to try and hide a black eye she got from getting smacked with an Easter bucket during a egg hunt earlier in the week.

June was BIG month. I got diagnosed with Intersitial Cystitis (painful bladder syndrome). I was put on some meds for it that made it worse so I stopped them shortly after starting them.

We also moved across town. We needed the move. It was also very hard at the same time.

 Lanie got to go to church camp for the first time. She had a blast. She also got to ring the bell after dedicating her life to God. We are so proud of her. The sunday after camp she was baptized. That day she got to take part in her first Lord's Supper.

This was the first year we got to spend 4th of July with my Aunt and Uncle. Sadly it was because my cousin had been in the hospital up here and they had to drive up here to be with him. We also had extended family the Webbs and Siaz's with there.

For my birthday on July 21st we went up to the mountains for some light hiking then swimming.

In August Lanie started a new school. She was nervous at first but is now loving it and has lots of friends.

In September I started having allergic reactions for no known reason. Hives, swelling, and just anaphalaxis. We still haven't figured out what's going on. We're currently doing more testing.

In October I got a Cricut and started new crafts.

Halloween brought our annual Halloween Party. Lanie dressed as a fortune teller for the party and a vampire on Halloween.

On October 25th Lanie and I were in a car accident. We got hit by an uninsured motorist. It totaled out my car and left me with a broken rib. I was out of work for a month while on a weight limit from my pcp. I'm still having pain every now and then, but back to work as usually.

In November Lanie got to go to the state capital and a train museum for a school field trip.

December 1st I was wrapping gifts and Ozzy decided to lay on the wrapping paper. In return I thought I'd try wrapping him  like I saw someone do in a YouTube video. Mind you I figured he'd instantly run away. I was wrong. (Don't worry he wasn't harmed and he loved it. He even took a nap before deciding to get out)

Lanie had a speaking part and a singing solo in the church Christmas play.

For Christmas Santa brought Lanie a painting easel. We had a nice calm day at home.

The only goals I have set for 2019 is to finally  find answers to my migraines, allergic reactions and fibro pain. 2018 was really hard for me medically and I'm holding hope that 2019 will give us answers, treatment and relief.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Halloween Mini Crystal Ball DIY

I shared my Crystal ball DIY with you and now I'm sharing how I made a handheld one for my daughter to carry around while dressed at a fortune teller.

What you'll need:

-Plastic Snow globe from Hobby Lobby

-Iridescent material from Michael's

-Battery operated candle from the dollar tree.


It won't take but a few minutes to put this together.

1. Unscrew the lid on your globe. You'll be an inner lid. Take that out.

2. Use your scissors to make a hole in the center of your inner cap.

3. Push the candle "flame" through the hole.

4. Fill the globe with the iridescent material.

5. Insert the inner cap followed by the outer cap.

6. When you want to turn it on, just unscrew the outer cap and flip the switch on your candle.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Halloween Crystal Ball DIY

It's that time of year again!! Halloween is so close and I have a lot to do to prepare for our annual Halloween party. Truth be told I started decorating about a month ago. I go all out for Halloween so it takes me a long time to decorate.

This year is going to be even better. With the new house I have more space to decorate and a better backyard so I'm having to add new elements. I thought it would be fun to have a fortune teller display. I wasn't wanting to spend a ton of money on store bought decoration since I'm going to need a lot more.

Thought I'd share my DIY in case you wanted to try it for yourself...

(The tarot cards were purchased at Michael's and I used painters tape to tape them up along the walls)

For this craft you will need the following:

-A glass bowl in any size. I used a medium sized one I found at Michaels. It was $7.99 and I used a coupon to get it even cheaper.

-String lights. Also from Michael's. They were only $5.

-Iridescent basket filler also purchased at Michaels for $3.99. I wanted a roll of it to crumble up but all I could find anywhere was this stuff.

-Batteries for your lights. I used cheap dollar store ones since this was basically only going to be on the night of the party.




-hot glue gun and glue stick.

Once I had everything it was pretty simple and quick to put together. 

1. Turn the bowl upside down on the cardboard and trace where the glass touches.

2. Cut out the circle then cut a little nitch out for the string lights to pop out.

3. Fill the bowl with the iridescent material.

4. Next take your string lights and put them in your bowl mixed through-out the material.

5. Glue around the edge of your cardboard circle. Avoid gluing on the nitch you cut out. After turn upside down (or right side up)

6. Your ready to go! 

When Halloween is over you cant easily pop off the cardboard circle and remove everything and reuse your glass bowl for another holiday.